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Peruvian Reed Board

Peruvian Reed Board

0ver 5,000 years ago, before the Incas and the Spanish invasion had arrived in Peru, the local Indigenous from Huanchaco, Northern Peru were fishing and surfing on the Cababllito de Totora. Translates to Horse made of reeds.

The Spanish called them "Sea horses" as it looked like they were riding horses through the waves.

Huanchaco is now the 5th World Surfing Reserve and is dedicated to this Caballito culture of fishing and surfing tradition.

In February 2016, a group of Peruvians led by Huanchaco’s 500th descendant Huevito Ucanan came to Australia to construct and demonstrate what this ancient craft was all about.

The Peruvian delegation created history by surfing the first Peruvian reed board in Australia and the first time in the World that it had been constructed outside of Peru.

Huevito constructed the Caballito de totora made from Peruvians reeds at South Bondi Headland on Tuesday 23rd February. The reeds had been brought out from Peru in two surfboard boardcovers that had been approved and cleared by Australian customs. It took Huevito about 90 minutes to make the Caballito on South Bondi Headland. The following day on Wednesday 24th February in perfect offshore sunny conditions, Huevito rode the Caballito in the surf at Bondi Beach much to the delight of all those who witnessed history in the making.

Hosted by Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve, over the following three weeks, the 2016 Peruvian Reed board tour staged various demonstrations during an East Coast Tour of some of Australia’s most iconic surfing locations at Bondi, Manly, Crescent Heads, Yamba, Ballina, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Noosa. Olas Peru surf company Roberto Muelas Meza and Luis Tantajulca documented this unique one off road tour together with assistance from Peru’s first World Champion Felipe Pomar and Carlos Antonio Ferrer of the Huanchaco WSR and representative of Save the Waves Vision Council.

Many thanks for all their efforts and all the supporters who made this possible and helping to create surfing history. Mucho Gracias.