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Simon Brandi Mortensen

Simon Brandi Mortensen
Marine Department Head, DHI Water & Environment (Australia)

Simon Brandi Mortensen is the Marine Department Head for DHI Water & Environment (Australia) with 10 years of coastal engineering experience in developing and applying advanced numerical computer models to investigate potential surfing amenity impact due to coastal developments and improve the design of artificial surfing reefs. He has published several articles on the subjects and have been leading the design of a new generation of natural rock surf reefs in Australia and New Zealand. Simon was the creator of the concept design of the Palm Beach Submerged control structure and was in 2016 awarded among the Top 50 most innovative Engineers by Engineers Australia.

Presentation Title: Advanced Engineering Methods for Surf Reef Design and Impact Assessment of Existing Surf Breaks
Presentation Day: Monday 13th March
Presentation Time: 3.00 - 3.20pm