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Dan Ware

Dan Ware
Research Fellow, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Griffith University

Dan is a coastal specialist working on a PhD in coastal management at Griffith University. His research focuses on the implications of coastal management policy for distribution of political power between coastal user groups such as surfers, developers and property owners. Dan also teaches environmental economics and environmental policy development and works as a researcher on climate change adaptation and coastal management projects.

Presentation Title: What is Surf Management Planning?
Presentation Day: Tuesday 14th March
Presentation Time: 9.15 - 9.35am

Surf Management Planning is an emergent concept with practice leading theory across different scales, contexts and involving different actors. This presentation draws on a series of case studies of surf management planning to develop a definition and framework capable of guiding communities, governments and other actors seeking to evaluate the potential of surf management within a given context and where viable to design a surf management plan making process.