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Lindsay Lyon

Lindsay Lyon
CEO & Managing Director, Shark Shield Pty Ltd

Lindsay has a successful track record in creating and growing both private and public companies. His corporate experience includes senior executive of a multi-national, CEO of an ASX listed company and the creation of globally focused startup ventures involving capital raisings, IPO’s, M&A and managing a P&L while delivering customer satisfaction and shareholder value without compromising quality or safety standards. He enjoys business strategy, global business development, change management, planning, branding strategies, channels, partnering, and strong teamwork. Lindsay’s has been granted a number of product innovation patents.

Presentation Title: Shark Attack Training: Can Sharks be Taught Not to Attack Humans?
Presentation Day: Tuesday 14th March
Presentation Time: 3.45 - 4.00pm

In psychology classical conditioning is best known from the experiments by Ivan Pavlov where a stimulus was presented and then the dog was given food, after a few repetitions when the stimulus was presented the dog would salivate. CSRIO scientists have noted that tracked sharks often follow the same route annually stopping at the same beaches along the way, literally to the day. Could the longer term use of proven electrical deterrents on surfboards over time generate a conditional response in sharks. If every time a shark swims by a surf break it’s electrical receptors spasm uncontrollably from the electrical deterrent, will it stop swimming by that particular break. Can electrical deterrents be used to teach sharks to avoid humans?


Presentation Title: Panel Discussion: Shark Management Options and Social Licence
Presentation Day: Tuesday 14th March
Presentation Time: 4.00 - 4.30pm