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Science says surfers are good for economic growth

Chris Pash - 13 Mar 2017

Those nomadic surfers looking for the next big surf break can also be leading indicators of economic growth as well as lifestyle icons.

The discovery of high quality surf breaks by the surfing community boosts economic growth in nearby areas, according to a study of 5000 surf breaks round the world by the University of Sydney.

The researchers analysed satellite images of lights at night as a proxy for economic growth. They found that the discovery of a high-quality break can raise growth by 2.2 percentage points a year.

Nine of the top 10 fastest growing breaks in Australia are in the Margaret River/Yallingup region of Western Australia. Three of the top 10 fastest growing breaks globally are in that state.

The study in 146 countries spans data between 1992 and 2013, with a concentration toward breaks in Australia and the US.

“We conducted four sets of experiments, and they all confirm that good waves significantly increase growth, particularly after recent discoveries and during El Niño years,” says Dr Sam Wills, of the University of Sydney’s School of Economics.

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During October 2016, Chairman of GCWSR Inc., Andrew McKinnon aka AndyMac and Family traveled to a remote island in the Indonesian Archipelago to go surfing on their annual holidays. AM surfing his 9/9 wooden Firewire surfboard, managed to score a couple of good waves on a sunrise session.

Thanks for producing this clip Glen Blight and thanks to Liquid Barrel for the vision and thanks Felicity Lawless Band for the music yew keep watching for more on the International Surfing Symposium 13th - 17th March, 2017 Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia