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A message from Pacha Light

Surfing Summit Speakers

Rabbit Bartholomew
1978 World Surfing Champion and Patron of Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve
Peter Townend
1976 First Professional World Surfing Champion
Dr Sophia Nimphius
Sport Science Manager, Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre and Associate Professor, Edith Cowan University
Clayton Nienaber
High Performance Surf Coach, Clayton Surf
Felipe Pomar
1965 World Surfing Champion
Dick Van Straalen
Surf Craftsman
Dave Rastovich
Global Surfing Ambassador
Nick Mucha
Director of Programs, Save the Waves Coalition
Mark Price
CEO, Firewire Surfboards
Andrew Stark
CEO, Surfing Australia
Andrew McKinnon
Chairman, Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve Inc
Nam Baldwin
Elite Performance Coach, Equalize Training Company
Gary Radcliff
Secretary, Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve
Tim Baker
Surfing Author / Journalist
Brad Gerlach
Former World No1 &
Professional Surf Coach
Greg Howell
President, Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast Tweed,
Founder, Climate Wave Enterprises and Director, Sustainable Event Alliance
Trey Highton
PhD Student, University of California Santa Cruz & Film Festival Director,
Save the Waves
Simon Brandi Mortensen
Marine Department Head,
DHI Water & Environment (Australia)
Dan Fitzgerald
Founder, The Conscious Investment Collective
Lachlan McKinnon
Freelance Surfing Cameraman (formerly Surfing Australia Content Provider for

Academic Session Speakers

Prof Ralf Buckley
International Chair in Ecotourism Research,
Griffith University
Dr Neil Lazarow
Senior Research Consultant, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Dan Ware
Research Fellow, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Griffith University
Assoc Prof Danny O'Brien
Associate Professor and Head of Program, Sport Management,
Bond University
Dr Gregory Borne
Director, Plymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group
Dr Rob Hales
Program Director, Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, Griffith University
Dr Javier Leon
Lecturer in Physical Geography, Program Coordinator Environmental Science, University of the Sunshine Coast
Don Munro
President, Lennox-Ballina
(Le-Ba) Boardriders
Ed Atkin
Director, eCoast,
New Zealand
Dr Rebecca Olive
Lecturer, University of Queensland
Lindsay Lyon
CEO & Managing Director, Shark Shield Pty Ltd
Dr Samuel Wills
Assistant Professor,
University of Sydney
Shannon Hunt
Beach Planning Officer,
City of Gold Coast
Rodger Tomlinson
Professor of Coastal Management,
City of Gold Coast
Prof Donna Weeks
Professor, Musashino University, Tokyo
Kavaljit Randhawa
Academic, Griffith University
Maurício Duarte dos Santos
PhD Candidate, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (UPM), Brazil
Naomi Edwards
PhD Student,
Griffith University
Prof Marcos Bosquetti
Professor of Management, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Dario Nardini
PhD Student, University
of Milan-Bicocca
Andrew Warren
Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Wollongong
Shane Orchard
PhD Student, Waterways Centre, University of Canterbury and Lincoln University, New Zealand
Johan Gustafson
Griffith University